Frederick Alexander Graham.   Scottish Sgian Dubh Maker

I have been making Sgian Dubhs and Dirks ( the knives worn with the Kilt ) since July 1967. I served my apprenticeship with Robert Allison and Son in Glasgow, one of Scotlands leading silversmiths,and have made them for many kilt makers throughout the world.

In my time I have made Dirks and Sgian Dubhs for Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the late King Olaf of Norway and the Chiefs of all the old Scottish Regiments. Also the Rock group "Heart, West Point Academy Pipe Band and the Scottish Gas pipe band as well as many more V.I.Ps" who wear the kilt with pride..

All the Sgian Dubhs and Dirks I make have 4/40c blades (3.1/2 ins long blade). The mounts can be made from Nickel silver, Hallmarked Silver or 9ct Gold. Handles are carved from blackwood, various rosewoods or from Scottish red deer antler.

Your Sgian Dubh can have your family or Clan crest carved in the stag horn or wood of your choice. If you wish in the stag horn handle you can have the smallest bottle of whisky in the world with a hand carved Celtic knot symbolising eternal life.

The Uisge Beatha Sgian
The Water of Life Knife

water of life knife

F A Graham
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