Welcome to the Scottish Sgian Dubh Collection, Hand Crafted.

All Sgian Dubhs (the Black Knife ) are hand crafted in Scotland. The Red stag horn is from hunting estates in Scotland and the blade is made from the finest british steel(4/40c) with mounts made from Nickel Silver and Hallmarked Silver or 9ct Gold. The sheaths are covered with goat skin leather. Every knife comes with a certificate of authenticity.The Sgian Dubh is a must when worn with the kilt.

No plastic or pewter rubbish. Hand crafted in Edinburgh Scotland by a Scot.

Glen Coe

Sgian Dubh The Black Knife, The kilt knife. Made in Scotland by a Scot

The Black in the name does not mean the colour, it was black meaning hidden, bad or a black deed. The knife was hidden under the arm or down the back of the neck and was used as a sudden strike weapon. The idea of it being worn in the hose (sock) with the top showing was a sign that you were open and not trying to conceal anything that might be a threat to your host, but you were still armed and could defend yourself. If you gave a knife as a gift, it symbolises Trust, as you were giving something that could take your life.  A KILTED gentleman is not dressed if he does not wear a Sgian Dubh with his KILT.